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Actionable Metrics for Continuous Improvement: Customer Survey Tools

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    Over 20 years ago, UC San Diego was the first university in the world to successfully implement the Balanced Scorecard framework to drive performance improvements, inform strategies, and measure progress. The Balanced Scorecard creators officially recognized UC San Diego and VC Business Affairs by inducting UC San Diego into the Balanced Scorecard Hall of Fame for its breakthrough results in looking holistically at staff, customers, financial health, and internal business processes. At UC San Diego, three campus-wide surveys provide key metrics to guide department balanced scorecards and continuous improvement initiatives. These survey instruments are developed, statistically validated, and administered by UC San Diego’s team of social science and programming experts. Results are customized into actionable data to inform university leaders of staff, faculty, and student priorities.


    The UC San Diego surveys are scalable to accommodate any number of universities and this year the customer satisfaction and staff climate surveys are being administered for the Cal State Chancellor’s Office Business and Finance in support of the development of a CSU Balanced Scorecard. This collaboration opens up new opportunities across CSU and UC lines to share best practices and benchmark aggregated data to effectively serve our customers and engage staff. Additional UC campuses who are participating in the UC San Diego surveys this year and will also contribute to this first-ever multi-campus benchmarking effort are UC Irvine (customer satisfaction survey) and UC Riverside (staff climate and customer satisfaction surveys).


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    Alexis Naiknimbalkar

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