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Next Generation Continuous Improvement: Crowdsourcing Ideas at UCSD that Advance our Strategic Plan

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    Learn about UC San Diego’s innovative method for pursuing continuous improvement through the crowdsourcing of ideas. As an outcome of UC San Diego’s 2014 Strategic Plan, we integrated collaborative tools for idea-generation built around the goals of the Strategic Plan. This holistic approach is advised by a Standing Committee (faculty, deans, chairs, and departmental business officers), to better engage our faculty and staff in opportunity identification and refinement. Learn how UC San Diego has implemented new unique processes and technology to engage campus to identify and prioritize the most impactful campus wide opportunities. Discover how crowdsourcing solutions can help overcome campus silos, increase collaboration, and unearth novel improvements.


    Contact Information:

    Kristin Kielich

    UC San Diego


    Bob Neuhard

    UC San Diego
    Kit Pogliano

    UC San Diego