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Presentations and Resources on 2014 Conference

  • Mind the Gap: Getting Actionable Data on Teaching Activities and Costs

    The session addresses gaps in colleges’ and universities’’ knowledge about teaching and what to do about them. We will explore how data already available in campus systems can be used to describe teaching activities and estimate teaching cost at the level of courses, degree programs, departments, schools, and campuses. How to work with academic officers [ Read More ]

  • Exploding the Myths of Shared Services

    Shared Services has been around now for nearly thirty years! As a “solution” for the delivery of truly efficient and effective support services, it has built a convincing track record of success. However, there have also been many failures. And Shared Services is relatively new to the Public Sector and to Higher Education in particular. [ Read More ]

  • On-boarding for Multi-Campus Project Teams: Taking some of the guess work out of building high performing project teams

    Increasing enrollment demands, resource needs that outpace revenue, pressure to improve efficiencies and increased accountability represent challenges campuses face in today’s dynamic environment. Shared services and multi-campus collaborations are now increasingly viewed as potential creative strategies to address such issues. However, assuming talented individuals from multiple campuses and systems will work together seamlessly is a [ Read More ]

  • From Vision to Value: Strategies for Generating New Revenue

    To address long-term financial sustainability challenges, UC Berkeley has initiated an effort to identify and realize new revenue streams. As a part of that effort, the Operational Excellence Program Office has the responsibility to enable revenue generating projects – a different way of thinking at a public institution – in the academic and administrative units [ Read More ]

  • More Lean Thinking: Better Ways to Get Better

    Have you ever thought to yourself, “There must be a better way?” Higher education, as a complex value delivery system, is particularly challenged to reevaluate old ways of doing business. We are often our own worst enemy. Our management “gut reactions,” are not always to be trusted. In this presentation, Dr. Olsen describes the lean [ Read More ]

  • CollegeBuys: Creating a Collaborative, Simple, and Easy Buying Experience

    The Foundation for California Community Colleges’ CollegeBuys program saves millions of dollars for Community Colleges and other institutions each year through its software, furniture, equipment, and office supplies offers. CollegeBuys represents all 112 colleges and 72 districts as a group purchasing entity to secure best-value pricing for California’s Community Colleges and affiliated higher education institutions. [ Read More ]

  • Parking Management Solutions: Innovation through Partnership in Public Higher Education

      Who better to originate parking management services than a campus parking division who “gets it”? Learn how a small California State University Police Department has successfully developed a thriving business model through innovation, partnership, and filling a need for California Public Higher Education campuses across the state. Be inspired by a panel of CSU [ Read More ]

  • Stone Soup: Building and Maintaining Effective Collaborations

      Effective collaborations across California’s higher education segments can accomplish much more than can be done by any single segment alone. In this session we will highlight two examples of current collaborations that have proven to be very effective. One is the CSU Systemwide Digital Library Content, an e-resource consortium created to influence the development [ Read More ]

  • Big Data, Analytics, & Cooperative Purchasing: The Search for Hidden Insight

      The case for exploiting spend data and analytics to deliver the evidence and data-driven insight essential for the design and execution of a winning cooperative purchasing strategy in California.   Contact Information: Luke Spikes Chief Executive Officer, Spikes Cavell Analytic Chairman and Chief Data Alchemist, Zantica

  • 2014 CSU-CCC-UC Conference Brochure

    2014 CSU-CCC-UC Conference Brochure