The California State University

Presentations and Resources on 2015 Conference

  • Focus on Efficiency Recognition

    The following award-winning abstracts, demonstrating a Focus on Efficiency, have been showcased at the California Higher Education (CHEC) Collaborative Conference each year since 2015. These stories of success represent innovative practices that have been implemented to improve operational performance, services, and outcomes for California Public Higher Education. 2018 Awardees CCC Fresh Success CSU Chico Transforming Accessibility into [ Read More ]

  • Lean on Campus: Where and Why it Works

      The great recession of 2008 caused institutions to embrace lean and other business process improvement methods and tools to streamline academic and administrative operations. Fresno State was no different. As the university has evolved and changed from the great recession, our lean journeys have entered their adolescent phase. We have begun to move beyond [ Read More ]

  • Actionable Metrics for Continuous Improvement: Customer Survey Tools

      Over 20 years ago, UC San Diego was the first university in the world to successfully implement the Balanced Scorecard framework to drive performance improvements, inform strategies, and measure progress. The Balanced Scorecard creators officially recognized UC San Diego and VC Business Affairs by inducting UC San Diego into the Balanced Scorecard Hall of [ Read More ]

  • Finding Synergy: How Two Systems are Collaborating on University Law Enforcement Issues

      This session will provide topical information on how the California State University Police Chiefs Council and the University of California Police Chiefs came together for the first time in the last year to explore areas of commonality. The Chair of the CSU Police Chiefs Council and Coordinator of the UC Police Chiefs will share [ Read More ]

  • A Panoramic View of Campus Shared Services

      UC Berkeley completed a 2-year transition to a campus-wide shared services center earlier this year. They will share the original design, how they incorporated existing shared services units, the current status, and the impact on the academic units. They will speak to the challenges that have been resolved, the benefits that have been realized, [ Read More ]

  • Our Change Management Journeys: California Universities Collaborating to Build Change Management Competencies

      The pace of change in higher education continues to accelerate, and challenges are becoming increasingly complex. Change management is a hot topic as universities seek to build change management competencies within their institutions. Change management leaders at the University of California’s Davis and San Diego, and the California State University Chancellor’s Office and Fresno [ Read More ]

  • Cooperative Procurement: Strategies for Collaborative and Coordinated Purchasing

      This panel of experienced Procurement Leaders representing the three systems will discuss current efforts to develop and implement a strategy of collaborative and coordinated purchasing intended to redefine the marketplace and measurably lower costs for California Public Higher Education. Panelist will discuss how they have identified and assessed specific opportunities for joint purchasing and [ Read More ]

  • Shared Services in Higher Education: Case Studies and Trends

      Higher Education Organizations are increasingly using and optimizing Shared Services to drive better performance and enhance student experience. As a Higher Education institute, how do you truly engage this new way of working? Colleges and universities present certain unique obstacles when it comes to implementing Shared Services. This session will explore trends and look [ Read More ]

  • Managing Resources at UC Riverside, a New Tool: Activity-Based Costing

      Without knowing the cost of all educational activities, there is no way to improve productivity in a systematic and sustainable manner. Come learn how UC Riverside is implementing an activity based costing methodology to give academic decision makers the tools they need to innovate, redesign and/or optimize course portfolios to improve student success.   [ Read More ]

  • Next Generation Continuous Improvement: Crowdsourcing Ideas at UCSD that Advance our Strategic Plan

      Learn about UC San Diego’s innovative method for pursuing continuous improvement through the crowdsourcing of ideas. As an outcome of UC San Diego’s 2014 Strategic Plan, we integrated collaborative tools for idea-generation built around the goals of the Strategic Plan. This holistic approach is advised by a Standing Committee (faculty, deans, chairs, and departmental [ Read More ]